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How do I sign up?

If you don’t have your Price It Buy account yet, click on Sign up. You will see a form to fill in with the necessary elements.

How PriceItBuy can congratulate me on my B’day?

Roll the month, the date and year consequentially to get these elements in the frame.
Then touch the screen elsewhere.

How do I change my gender in the form?

If you are of the fair gender, click on the icon once and the gender will change automatically.

If you made a mistake, click on the icon one more time.

How do I change my default country?

Your default country is defined automatically thanks to the geolocalization.

How do I add my picture to my account?

To open your picture folders on your 'i'Device (iPhone or iPad) click on the white frame around the camera. To take your picture directly, click on the camera itself.And ... don't forget to smile :-)

Don’t want to loose your time to login?

Your device Settings ->Apps ->PIB-> Login information ->enter your email address for Username and pass for Password. The app will login you automatically every time you want to add your best price!

Start the challenge;-)

How do I log in?

When your account is successfully created you can finally join the PIBers. Enter your email and your password.

How do I add a price?

Simple, enter the product/ service name and its price. If the product exists already, it takes 3 second to do it.

Because PriceItBuy focused on price comparison, the products must be comparable using the same name. This is why the form includes auto-suggestions to name the product as others did before.
When the product is displayed, tags filled by all users will be proposed for you to qualify your product and make it comparable with others.

If your product / service does not exist yet, in your interest, please name it as clearly as possible to allow other users to find and price it in their country.
You can use the product or brand name such as: Ipad Mini, Breitling Chronomat, Chanel 5,....

Then add as many tags as you wish to describe your product / service.

Wanna pay cheaper next time?

You want to be alerted about the cheaper price for your product? – Leave the button ‘Follow’ ON.

Share on Facebook? Give

- Share the prices for products you buy
- Share the prices for products you wish to buy

In order to receive
- Buy for less thanks to your friends
- Ask your friends to get you
- Get the cheaper prices P.S.The app will ask the authorisation tomakethe publication on your wall.

How do I place a product picture?

To open your picture folders on your device (iPhone or iPad) click on the white frame around the camera. Select a picture in the folder and that’s it! To take your picture directly, click on the camera itself.
Take a picture and if you’re satisfied – click on Use. If not - click on Retake.


Is my price the best one?

The menu Prices displays the products & prices you added and full info about it. If your price for this product is the best - the app congratulates you with the mark 1st!
If not – click on Best price and hurry up to buy it cheaper! Where? Click on Place!

… or … keep looking to be the FIRST!

Good luck!

How can I comment a product or a Piber? Have your personal opinion? Don’t keep silent!

Click on the picture of the product – then click on a star for a product or a medal for a Piber in the top left corner – give your stars / medals and share your experience. For sure you can see the comments of other PIBers here as well. To return to the Price list – use the button in the top left corner.

How to update the price list?

Oh, that’s simple! Just shake your phone or iPad! Go easy!

How can I see the price for the product world wide?

Put the cursor in the Search field, select a product in the list and click on Done.
You will so all the prices in the world in descending order.The icon with tags in the top right corner gives you the possibility to specify your search by different tags. Checking needed tags click on the handglass.Click on the numbers and the price details will appear.
To see the list of prices click on the icon in the top left corner. The prices will appear in descending order – click on the price and the map will take you there.Click on the product picture to see in the left part of the screen its details, comments and of course to add some more.

How can I see the PIBers community?

In menu Pibers you will find all the community … and some key details:
- Prices that the Piber added
- Number of products followed
- Number of best prices
- Number of comments left You can as well see the prices and to chat with the Piber.

How can I invite my Facebook Friends?

As your social network will help you to price and get the product that you wish, you can invite your Facebook friends directly:
- Click on the button on the bottom left
- Your FB friends list will be displayed
- Select the friends you wish to send the invitation to
- Click outside of the pop up window. The invitation are sent
- The select friends will receive an invitation on their Facebook wall and may join you to mutually benefit from your pricing comparisons

How can I find out more about my PIB friends?

- What do people buy?
- What are new products and services on the market?
- Where do they buy?
- And what is the best price? ...

All those and other questions can be satisfied by this menu. Click on the PIBer’s picture everywhere you see it and you will go to the Piber'sprofile.
Here you'll see the full details of the Piber activity:
  • Prices - number of prices Piber added
  • Following - number ofproducts Piber is following
  • Best - number of best prices in PriceItBuy
  • Comments - number of comments left for products and Pibers

The menu Prices will take you to the list of all te prices that the Piber added . You can even gong the Pibers - you decide what he derves ... and add comments. Tell all the truth you know about the Piber but be careful wit your statements! We're not hereto cause offence to each other.

How can I contact my PIB friends ?

Want to ask the PIBer to buy you the desirable product cheaper?
Want to ask the PIBer some questions on the price?
The menu Messages will open a chat page where you can send messages to the Piber.
It's working in a very simple way - you put your cursor in the field, tape your message and click the blue flash button to send it.

What means the grey star near the PIBer’s picture? Who is more active Piber?

This icon is mark the number of comments that the PIBer left in the app.

Sign out when exit the app?

To sign out automatically when you exit the app go to your device Settings ->Apps -> PriceItBuy -> Automatically sign out -> ON. If not – leave it on OFF.


Wanna keep up with the best prices?

The app will send you the notice automatically when the better price than yours was added.
For this go to your device Settings -> Apps ->PriceItBuy ->Auto notice when better prices were added -> Just leave the button Enable on ON. If you don’t want to – move it on OFF.

How to indicate the default currency?

For your comfort usage of PriceItBuy use a default currency. Your device Settings ->Apps ->PriceItBuy -> Currency
Select the currency you want to choose in PIB by default. More currencies very soon ;-)