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The product

Save money with your friends and have fun !!
PIBer community
The users of PriceItBuy (PIB) are called the PIBers. The PIBers got marks and recommendations from other PIbers according to the prices filled and their actions. A PIBer will be rewarded or blacklisted according to his behaviour.
Friends to Friends (F2F)
You can price or buy a product if a friend required it. You trust and appreciate him or her. You can buy and send a present to your friend. Help your friends to buy cheaper products is like giving presents to them, and make them happier
PriceItBuy allows you to price and compare any product and service in the world. The prices are converted in real time in the currency that you selected.
Products / services naming
The product / service names need to be understood by any user. The users will then price the same product and allow you to get the best price. As the brand products are distributed internationaly, there are the most interesting to compare. Then the naming might include the brand name such as: Samsung S4 black, or a generic name such as Ipad mini 32 GO black.
Product tags
The tags allow you to complete information about a product and better descrivbe it. The number of tags are illimited.
Your goal is to share the best prices with your friends and the community. All PIber will be informed about the best prices and the community can benefit from them.
Last prices
See the last prices filled and get the deals. The difference of prices can make you a seller or a buyer.
The community savings
It calculates the sum of the differences between the prices originally filled by a user and the best price found for the same products. Exemple: If a 1st user priced a product "P" at 1200 USD, a second at 1000 USD and a 3rd at 800 USD, the community savings is (1200-800) + (1000-800) = 600 USD.

The values

PriceItBuy is built over a trust network. You trust your family, your old school and closed friends that you are connect on PriceItBuy. You wish to help them in buying products at cheaper prices thanks to your presence on another city or country.
Any price must be real and attached to a original product. All fakes and copies will be deleted and the PIBer will be blacklisted.
If you can give or send presents to your friends up to a certain value, you should not make a professionnal business with it. Our PIBers must be aware of the laws and regulations ruling importation of products in their country.


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